Each year our 365+ students have the opportunity to engage in field trips that enhance their classroom learning.  All students travel to the Gallo Center for the Arts to see a lively, engaging performance tailored to their age and curriculum.  In addition, each class receives the opportunity to explore something new from the Stanislaus County Library to Fresno Chaffee Zoo to Chabot Museum to California State Capitol and Sutter's Fort to Calaveras Big Trees and the San Jose Tech Museum.  All of these experiences stimulate learning, make the text book come alive and create life-long memories for each of our Lakewood Lions.

Just three grades' trips to Gallo are funded through the district but all other field trips are funded through our PTA.  With field trip costs reaching nearly $17,000 this year, your support is critical in ensuring these opportunities can continue to be experienced by all Lakewood Lions.

To donate for your student or another, please either reach out to your teacher for a Field Trip Donation Form and send it into the front office with payment included or donate through our "Give Back" section on our home page.  Every dollar counts and every dollar goes right back to our Lakewood Lions.